Pakistan flood damage estimated at $9.7 Billion (

As the scale of the flooding in Pakistan is still sinking in, our Flood Relief Efforts continue with Free Medical Camps held in different villages and towns every weekend. We have so far treated over 20,000 patients at our camps and will continue this outreach as long as we are able.

For more about the overview of the current situation on the ground from CNN click here:

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Over 4,000 patients treated this weekend at Pakistan RMF-Google Medical Camps

By Dr. Zahoor Uddin

The RMF/Google Free Medical Camp Projects are continuing with our fourth weekend passing successfully. After having camps in Union Council Aman Garh and Union Council Nisatta, RMF/Google returned to the Nowshehra district, to the village  of Pirpiai with our team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and general volunteers as well as with medicines/medical supplies.

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RMF holds hugely successful relief effort in Pakistan this past weekend

Doctors and local officials at Saturday camp

This past Saturday September 25th and Sunday the 26th, Real Medicine Foundation held our third and fourth Free Medical Camps for Flood Victims in Aman Garh (Pabbi Tehsil), Nowshera District, Pakistan.  This most recent outreach effort was very effective, treating over 4,600 patients in two days, and was made possible by a generous charitable grant by Google Inc. and other individual donations.

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Pakistan: “Immense Tragedy Continues to Unfold”

More than seven weeks since the beginning of the floods, and as we prepare to hold our third major Flood Relief Medical Camp in the city of Pabbi in the Nowshera district, it’s important to note how critical the situation remains in Pakistan.   We will be reporting next week on the results of our next relief camp this coming Sunday, and hope to continue expanding our relief efforts.

From, this slideshow and brief article highlights:

  • Areas of Pakistan are still submerged in water, weeks after the first flooding happened
  • The UN and other organizations are calling for more help in aiding the estimated 20 million in need
  • The death toll is believed to surpass 1,700
  • Click article here for photos and report

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    For more information about our Flood Relief Efforts, please visit our website.

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    Pakistan Flood Relief: RMF holds second medical outreach camp

    Real Medicine Foundation just held a 2nd free medical camp in Charsadda this past Sunday the 29th of August for flood affected, at  the Union Council  Majukay. A total of 1,894 patients were diagnosed and treated through  this 2nd RMF Free Medical Camp, consisting of 65 % male, 35 % female including 23 % children.
    Around 109 serious patients were referred to hospitals at DHQ Charsadda, LRH Peshawar and Khyber Teaching Hospital.

    Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we will be holding many more of these free medical camps for all in need.  Full reports with treatment data of all our Medical Outreach camps will continue to be published on our website soon here.

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    Los Angeles: Open House Fundraiser for Pakistan Flood Relief, Sunday, August 22nd

    Ali, Dr. Zeba, Haider Ali Vanek, Real Medicine Foundation & Their Friends & Family


    On Sunday, August 22, 2010, From 3:00–10:00 PM

    AT 10551 WILSHIRE BLVD. UNIT #904, LOS ANGELES, CA. 90024

    To Raise Funds, To Spread the Word, To Uplift Spirits And To Pledge To Work Together to Help the People Affected by The Catastrophic Floods Ravaging Pakistan which estimates 20 million without Food & Water for more than 2 weeks!

    Real Medicine Foundation is partnering with the Relief Foundation in Pakistan to support the relief efforts with Free Medical Camps in the flood affected areas, and it is with great pleasure we announce that we are holding our first RMF-RF Free Medical Camp this coming Sunday, 22nd of August in the Charsadda district. RMF Pakistan Flood Relief Project

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    Article: Reclaiming the US’s image in Pakistan

    Continuing with the coverage of the floods in Pakistan and what this means for our clinic in Balakot, I came across a good article from the New York Times that details why it is so important for Western Countries, the US in particular, to lend a helping hand to the people of Pakistan.

    NY Times article here

    Time and time again, the poor and rural areas of a country like Pakistan are left behind infrastructure, economic development and health care, ,and with no one else offering a helping hand fundamentalist groups like the Taliban will always step in to fill this void.  Looking at the amount of resources the US has already committed to both Afghanistan and Iraq to combat extremism, it would be a tragedy to let this opportunity pass to aid these efforts and to improve our image in this part of the world.

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    Thank you letter from Pakistan donor

    Our biggest thanks usually come from the people we help in the field, but sometimes they also come from our donors, which is always pleasure to see.  The letter we are sharing below was just sent from an Pakistani-American, Dr. Zeba Vanek, to our founder, Dr. Martina Fuchs, thanking her and RMF for all our efforts in Pakistan since 2007 and specifically for our current Flood Relief campaign.  Zeba also used her own network in the US to raise funds for the flood relief campaign and continue to be a great advocate for our cause.

    Thursday, August 12, 2010

    Dear Martina,

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    RMF Pakistan Relief Efforts: One-Fifth of Country is Underwater

    The reports are getting scarier by the day..the UN is now reporting that as much as one-fifth of Pakistan in under water with new flood warnings being issued today.  New York Times article here.

    Real Medicine Foundation is responding to the devastating floods across Pakistan by harnessing the energy of local doctors, nurses, and paramedics who want to volunteer their time and services by giving them a platform to conduct free medical relief camps for thousands of flood affected individuals in communities across KPK and Sindh.  This cost effective intervention is based on the success of our flood relief camps in 2008 and anchored in our long-term commitment to serve the communities in Pakistan.  Since 2005 Real Medicine Foundation and our local partners have been providing primary health care in Balakot and are committed to extending our services where needed.

    Every dollar donated to our relief efforts will go directly towards purchasing medicines and supplies for affected regions and towards supporting medical staff on the ground to cater to the urgent needs of flood affected communities.

    For more information about our Flood Relief Efforts, please visit our website.

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    Alert: Pakistan floods affecting more people than the Tsunami and Haiti quake combined

    Due to the continued bad weather in Pakistan and the enormous number of people affected by the widespread flooding, the human scale of the flood devastation is on an almost unimaginable scale.  UN is now estimating that the total number of people affected exceeds the Tsunami, Haiti earthquake and 2005 Kashmir earthquake all combined.

    Real Medicine is very busy trying to ensure that our established health clinic in this region is able to handle the huge influx of new patients, and also fundraising to be able to provide several health care outreach camps in the areas that aren’t able to access out clinic or other hospitals.

    We are entirely locally staffed and partnered with Pakistan relief agencies to deliver the health care needed, so we don’t have the same “foreign aid” conflict that many organizations are struggling with in this region of the world.

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