Kenya elections update from our partners in Lwala

The following update was written by James Nardella, our partner in Lwala, Kenya of the Lwala Communty Alliance and our support of the Ochieng’ Memorial Lwala Community Health Center

The Lwala Staff conducting a recent youth outreach activity on reproductive health



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Thank You For An Amazing Year!

Photo: Dr. Martina C. Fuchs, RMF Founder/CEO, making new friends at the Lwala, Kenya Community Hospital, October 1, 2011

We are so grateful to all our friends, supporters and teams around the world and wish everyone a fantastic 2012!

Having wrapped up another successful  we want to pause and say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who supported our work in 2011.  You have helped us achieve so much, and we give our deep thanks to everyone for your generosity and support!

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Real Medicine Foundation in Turkana, Kenya: A Documentary

Our new 15 minute documentary film covers both the history of Real Medicine and highlights our medical and relief work in Turkana, Kenya. This film features incredible on the ground footage of our relief efforts in Turkana, footage of our founder Dr. Martina Fuchs in action, and an interview with New York Times author Jeffrey Gettleman whose article inspired our work in Turkana.  A very special thanks to the whole RMF production team, but especially George Papuashvili, who tirelessly donated both his time and talents to producing this moving documentary for RMF.  Remember to have your YouTube viewer set to High Definition to enjoy this film as it was meant to be seen.

High Definition Video:


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Kenya: Two Babies and our 100th at the Lwala Community Health Center

by Jonathan White

Last month, Real Medicine’s Lwala Community Health Center in Kenya welcomed two 18 year old first time mothers on a Saturday morning: Millicent, nearly silent in labor  in one corner, and Maureen, a vigorous and loud laborer in the other.  There was never better proof of the need for a larger space for deliveries in our clinic, Real Medicine’s support of the new maternity center is much appreciated. Despite the small space, Clinic Officer Michael Omollo and clinic founder Milton Ochieng’ MD were smiling as silent Millicent pushed out a crying healthy baby girl.

Maureen’s vigorous, athletic, and loud labor response was a stark contrast and kept the team on their toes.  A second crying and healthy baby girl was welcomed about an hour later.  This was baby number 100 for the Lwala Community Health Center!  These children have all been born in what was originally designed as a kitchen and was converted to a birthing facility when laboring mothers began to come.  Groundbreaking for a much larger and proper maternity unit is planned for August 2010.

For more information about this initiative please visit:

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Kenya: Opiyo’s story and RMF’s Lwala Community Health Center

by Jonathan White and James Nardella

Real Medicine’s Ochieng’ Memorial Lwala Community Health Center in Kenya is a community-based health care project that is managed and supported in partnership with the Lwala Community Alliance, a U.S. based humanitarian organization.  The mission of the clinic is to meet the holistic health needs of all members of the Lwala Community, including its poorest.

Whenever possible it addresses health problems at their roots through community health interventions.  It aims to provide excellent community-based health care, not to become a tertiary care facility.  The health center is part of a larger effort to achieve holistic health and development in Lwala, including educational and economic development.

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East Africa BBC Report: Lack of Rain, mass loss of Lives

Water Distribution Kids 2

From BBC World News: Millions at risk as East Africa rains fail

Aid agency Oxfam warns that a failure of rains across swathes of East Africa is putting millions of lives at risk.

This is the sixth successive season of failed rains in an area already hit by its worst drought in 20 years.

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Kenyan refugees in Uganda find solace through acupuncture

Dispute over results of the 2007 Kenyan presidential election resulted in widespread demonstrations and ethnic violence. Tragically, over 300,000 people were displaced and as many as 12,000 Kenyans made their way into neighboring Uganda to find shelter in refugee camps.

Kings of South Beach release

One specific need among the refugee population was treatment for the psychological effects of trauma, and RMF was quick to get on the ground and assist, bringing acupuncture services to camps. Black Irish movie full

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Recent studies suggest that acupuncture may be as effective as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for psychological conditions. “Acupuncture is a proven, easily transportable, and cost-effective healthcare tool,” says Megan Yarberry, RMF’s Team Whole Health Project Coordinator “We’re hoping to provide support and healing to hundreds of people each day.”

This last December RMF visited the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement and found the acupuncture program thriving.

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