Haiti today: Lambert Santé & Public/Private Hospital Consortium

By Patrick Dupont

Now, more than 11 months after the catastrophic events of January 12 and the devastating blows to its already impoverished socio-economic state and structures, Haiti’s population is facing many other day-to-day hardships and obstacles, and two new foes:

1. An unprecedented cholera outbreak, which started in October and has already claimed more than 2,000 lives and touched roughly 92,000 Haitians while hospitalizing more than 42,000 of them [PAHO EOC situation report # 16, December 6, 2010].

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UN appeals for funding to fight Cholera in Haiti

As we continue to follow the Cholera outbreak in Haiti:

“The UN has appealed for nearly $164m (£102m) to fight a cholera outbreak in Haiti which has now claimed 724 lives.

UN spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs said that unless funds were provided, “all our efforts can be outrun by the epidemic”. (BBCNews)

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Haiti racing to stem Cholera epidemic

BBC news reporting that while Haiti missed the brunt of the Hurricane Tomas storm, the flooding that followed the heavy rains has greatly increased the risk of a large cholera outbreak in the capital, with more than 70 cases reported in Port-au-Prince, and more than 540 people killed in the areas outside of the capital that were first affected.


To contribute to our Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts, please click the Donate button below or through our website at realmedicinefoundation.org.

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Haiti bracing for the storm

by Jonathan White

Our staff and friends in Haiti are all bracing for the heavy rains and wind later today and hoping that the massive tent camps don’t turn into a worse situation than they already are.  The Port-au-Prince area is already a very fragile situation with the recent Cholera outbreak and the continued lack of real development funding from the international community.  Most living in the tent camps are reluctant to leave the little they have as they are worried they won’t be able to return or will lose what little they have.  Little has changed for the Haitians since we marked the 6 month anniversary of the earthquake back in July.

Our initiative in Port au Prince is preparing for the aftermath of this storm and continues to work to find ways to build longer term sustainable efforts.

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“UN condemned over ‘appalling’ Haiti earthquake camps” (BBC news)

Just in case people have forgotten that very little has actually been done to resolve enormous tent city/homeless situation in Port au Prince, or the fact that the  $1 Billion the US promised has yet to materialize due to political games being played in the US Senate….the BBC has checked back in on the situation in Haiti and reviewed a recent report published by Refugees International and is not impressed, here is their not so uplifting update:


In addition to RMF supporting a team of nurses in one of the few remaining small hospitals in Port au Prince, we are continuing to push for a much larger scale health care capacity building project, but as with most initiatives down there dealing with immense funding challenges with very little promised money actually being delivered.

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