Dionicess IX: Beer & Booze for Charity

October 21st 2011, I had the privilege of going undercover as a waitress at the highly publicized and anticipated Dionicess IX, a culinary extravaganza which has been appearing on the LA scene for the past 3 years, with all proceeds benefitting charity.

Gev Kazanchyan,a member of the Real Medicine Advisory Board and creator of these events was introduced to Real Medicine 3 years ago through our Armenian Project Director, Nairy Ghazourian.  This introduction would lead to a series of pairings over the next 3 years benefitting our project in Shinuhayr, Armenia. From Dionicess II (which paired Coffee & Chocolate) to Dionicess VI (which paired Beer, Sausage & Fries) all have had rave reviews and have brought much needed awareness and support to our Armenian Projects.

This year’s event  teamed up Gev with Dave Waltrous (Beachwood BBQ & Brewing) , Randy Clemens and Matt Biancaniello featuring “Beer & Booze” with an assortment of vegetarian dishes to compliment each.

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Dionicess V: A Tale of Five Pairings

CitySip LA
September 27th, 2009

I had written about Dionicess IV’s chocolate and beer last May, and I had heard about the Dionicess events that had come before that as well, so though I had never been, I was sure I knew what to expect from Gev Kazanchyan’s Dionicess V.

This was my first event: beer by four different breweries and pizza by Tomato Pie. Simple enough, right? Well, no. Not really.

Not all Those Who Serve are Barkeeps

Once at CitySip I was put to work immediately and met the team as I went.

All together, we were a fellowship of ten behind the bar: Gev Kazanchyan, writer, professor, and gracious host; Nicole Daddio, owner of CitySip LA who not only donated her space but went above and beyond to help out through the day; Nate Sellergren, home-brewer extraordinaire and Stone Brewing Co. rep; Dave Watrous (the “Greuze-Hound”) humanitarian, teacher, and beer-savant; and Harout Bursayan, photographer and Dionicess graphic designer.

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Dionicess V: the Best Beer on Earth, the Best Pizza in LA

phpYuaKdZAMOn September 27th, at the infamous CitySip in Echo Park, Real Medicine invites you to relive your college glory days in a manner benefiting the mature adult you are today.

Like a journey into another dimension, Dionicess V transforms drinking beer and eating pizza into an accomplishment worthy of proud display on any social networking or dating site. With all proceeds going to Real Medicine not only does this night of charitable cuisine give you holier-than-thou status for at least a week, you can write it off on your taxes and maybe even put it on your resume. The possibilities are virtually endless. Then again, so are the mind blowing combinations offered for this night of culinary complexity.

For Dionicess V, Gev Kazanchyan, a veritable Match.com for food and beverage, has taken 5 premium beers from SoCal Craft Breweries and, after months of painstaking research, has successfully paired them with 5 gourmet pizzas from Tomato Pie in a line up poised to hijack your senses and smuggle you down to flavor-town on a taste-sensation express. You might want to bring a friend for safety’s sake.

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