Thanks to IRD, Anemia Can Be Prevented in Bogo City

update from the Main Health Office, Bogo City, Philippines

The Bogo City Health Office has limited funds for the purchase of Ferrous Sulfate tablets.  If there are supplies available, the pregnant women are the top priority, however, the availability of the iron vitamins is not sustained so there are times that those pregnant women have to buy the Ferrous Sulfate tablets on their own. Unfortunately, most of the pregnant women seeking prenatal care in our health centers are not financially capable and most of them stop taking iron vitamins during their pregnancy.

Upon the receipt of the donated bottles of Ferrous Sulfate tablets from RMF and International Relief and Development, there is continuous supply of the iron vitamins to all our pregnant women starting from the 1st trimester of their pregnancy until their lactating period.

THANK YOU to RMF/IRD, ANEMIA is being prevented in our locality.

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Real Medicine Foundation 2010/2011 Annual Report Published

Click on link to visit our website where Annual Report can be viewed and downloaded as a PDF document

Dionicess IX: Beer & Booze for Charity

October 21st 2011, I had the privilege of going undercover as a waitress at the highly publicized and anticipated Dionicess IX, a culinary extravaganza which has been appearing on the LA scene for the past 3 years, with all proceeds benefitting charity.

Gev Kazanchyan,a member of the Real Medicine Advisory Board and creator of these events was introduced to Real Medicine 3 years ago through our Armenian Project Director, Nairy Ghazourian.  This introduction would lead to a series of pairings over the next 3 years benefitting our project in Shinuhayr, Armenia. From Dionicess II (which paired Coffee & Chocolate) to Dionicess VI (which paired Beer, Sausage & Fries) all have had rave reviews and have brought much needed awareness and support to our Armenian Projects.

This year’s event  teamed up Gev with Dave Waltrous (Beachwood BBQ & Brewing) , Randy Clemens and Matt Biancaniello featuring “Beer & Booze” with an assortment of vegetarian dishes to compliment each.

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Real Medicine Foundation & Florence Western Medical Center Los Angeles Community Outreach

“Back to School in South L.A.”

By Sarah Stern

This past weekend, Real Medicine Foundation & the Florence Western Medical Center hosted their first “Back to School” Event, providing more than 60 children and families with brand new backpacks filled with school supplies.

Recognizing the needs of this community has not been the challenge; the challenge has been how to encourage the community to show up for the services available to them. Free health and fitness programs for adults and children are offered at the center by Real Medicine, yet often we find a low attendance due to lack of access to information, transportation and health issues. While we have worked diligently to encourage the patients with incentives to attend these programs, at times it can be frustrating. Many charities in Los Angeles share this dilemma.

So the question becomes how can we bring about awareness of our programming in an area where the digital age has fallen behind? Phone numbers on sign-up sheets are often disconnected the following month. Most patients do not have home computers, making emails a futile effort. How can we meet the needs of the community and bring forth something that they will show up for, while giving them access to information about the center’s services and our programming?

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Thank you for an amazing year at Real Medicine!

As we get ready to dive into a new year of challenges we want to pause and take a moment to celebrate all that we have accomplished.  All of you have helped us achieve so much, and we give our deep thanks to everyone for their support!

In 2010 we…

  • We are now reaching over 6 million people in 15 countries across 4 continents.
  • We have treated hundreds of thousands of patients at our permanent and mobile health clinics in Africa, Asia, and the Americas
  • In India, Real Medicine Foundation surveyed over 37,000 families and 56,000 children across 500 villages for our Malnutrition Eradication Program with 38,000 counseling sessions held and over 6,000 cases of Severe Acute Malnutrition diagnosed.
  • In South Sudan, we initiated the First Ever Accredited Nursing and Midwifery College; the first class of 40 students is in full swing.
  • In Pakistan, we have been peacefully holding the Taliban at bay by providing access to healthcare for 150,000 in the KPK region.
  • Also in Pakistan, we have treated over 20,000 Flood Victims at our Free Medical Camps.
  • In Haiti, post earthquake, more than 200 patients were treated per day at our Primary Healthcare Clinic in Port-au-Prince and over $600,000 in medicines and supplies were delivered.
  • Our free clinic in Haiti provides public access to 24-hour emergency and general healthcare to a community that is home to more than 100,000 displaced persons living in tents.
  • In the drought regions of Turkana, Kenya, we gave food and water to thousands and provide medical support  to a community of 30,000.
  • In Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Uganda, more than 1,000 longer term care patients are cared for.
  • Across Africa and Asia, we support school fees for almost 1,500 children.

We are so grateful to all our followers, supporters and staff and wish everyone a fantastic 2011!

Last 3 days to give!

If you were considering donating to a worthy cause in 2010 and taking advantage of the tax benefits of charitable donations, now is your last chance to contribute!

As we look towards new efforts and projects in 2011 it is only through your generous funding that we will be able to continue our long term development projects in some of the poorest areas on this planet.

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Announcement: Google Inc. Gives Grant to Real Medicine Foundation for Pakistan Flood Relief

We are very proud to announce that Real Medicine Foundation has received a grant from the Google Inc. Charitable Giving Fund for our disaster relief efforts in response to the flooding in Pakistan.

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Thank you letter from Pakistan donor

Our biggest thanks usually come from the people we help in the field, but sometimes they also come from our donors, which is always pleasure to see.  The letter we are sharing below was just sent from an Pakistani-American, Dr. Zeba Vanek, to our founder, Dr. Martina Fuchs, thanking her and RMF for all our efforts in Pakistan since 2007 and specifically for our current Flood Relief campaign.  Zeba also used her own network in the US to raise funds for the flood relief campaign and continue to be a great advocate for our cause.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Martina,

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Raising Money for Children in India

We’d like to give thanks to Carly Shankman for holding a succesful fundraiser in San Diego for the Malnutrition Inititiative in India.  Here is the blog she’s written about the fundraiser and her upcoming volunteer trip to India with RMF

By Guest Blogger, Carly Shankman

I was introduced to the Real Medicine Foundation through Michael Matheke (RMF India Programs Coordinator) about 4 months ago.  It was at that time I decided to leave my life in San Diego and take the journey of a lifetime backpacking through India.  Even greater than my desire to travel and learn for my own personal growth, I wanted to contribute to the people and communities of India. My passion in life is to see, do, explore, meet, live, love, appreciate and experience everything I come across on my journey. I believe in contributing to the greater good of the world and leaving the world a better place than when I arrived.  RMF provided the platform for me to do this.  After reviewing the website I immediately resonated  with the malnutrition eradication program and the work they are doing with children.

I spoke with Michael and expressed my desire to volunteer on-site. After the plans were set for me to stay onsite with RMF I started to brainstorm fundraising ideas to make a monetary donation prior to my arrival.  Since I am traveling with 3 other girls to India, Bri, Kayla, and Laura, I wanted to do something we could all work on together.  We ran the idea of having a car wash at the restaurant with our GM, James Stephenson, and he was completely on board.  He even allowed us to advertise the event to all our customers that came in.

The car wash was held on Saturday, July 10th and it was a complete success! We were a little concerned because the carwash was being held on the 4th day San Diego had been really overcast and cloudy and thought it might deter people from coming.  Right after we were done setting up the sun came out and the cars started lining up. We had a steady flow of 3-4 cars at a time all day long and all our friends stopped by with cars to clean, snacks to share and the DJ kept the music jamming all day.  There were approximately 15 volunteers helping to wash cars and collect donations and nearly 50 people stopped by to support us. The event went perfectly and thanks to LJ Strip Club, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Vons, Einstein’s Bagels, Trader Joe’s and all the amazing volunteers that came out, we raised $750 for RMF!

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The Beginning: “Real Medicine Tsunami Aid in Mawella, Sri Lanka – Second Update from Dr. Martina Fuchs”

Approaching our 5th birthday August 16th, 2010 and look back to remember who we go to where we are now, here is a voice from those early days: the second update sent from the ground after opening our first clinic in Sri Lanka writen by Dr. Martina herself.
In it Dr. Martina Fuchs gives grateful thanks to those tho helped her, speaking as a friend to her network of friends who came together to make it possible.
February 20, 2005

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