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The Real Medicine Foundation is a humanitarian organization with a creative approach. Rather than go in with preconceived answers, we approach each situation by asking, "How can we help?" In this way, we can respond effectively and appropriately with customized services designed to best meet the immediate and long-term needs of the specific individuals and communities we serve. Our global network of "Friends Helping Friends" enables us to directly connect with those in need, carefully access how to make the greatest impact, and cooperatively deliver the highest-quality support. Whether we are providing physical, emotional, social, or economic support, our goal is to empower with real solutions that heal, give hope, and rebuild lives, both now and in the future.

“Combating Malnutrition” Capstone Report: Collaboration between RMF and NYU Wagner School of Public Service

RMF is proud to announce that the Capstone team from the NYU Robert Wagner School of Public Service has successfully completed their collaboration on the Malnutrition Initiative in Madhya Pradesh. The Capstone team was engaged to assist RMF identify opportunities for eradicating malnutrition in Madhya Pradesh, while providing additional tools and information to assess program effectiveness. The objective of this report is to serve as an evaluative tool for RMF in regards to the “Eradicate Malnutrition” Program, from the perspective of the New York University Capstone team.

In April 2009, the Real Medicine Foundation (RMF) launched the “Eradicate Malnutrition” program in Madhya Pradesh, India in response to the high rates of malnutrition in the region. With the malnutrition rate in children under the age of five at 60 percent, Madhya Pradesh represents the largest burden of malnutrition for the country. At the onset of Real Medicine’s initiative, the RMF program directors identified the resource constraints with evaluating the project work and with consolidating ideas for future program expansion. Based on the field assessment and research of best practices in the treatment of child malnutrition, the Capstone team has provided key recommendations to RMF to enhance the identification, treatment and prevention of malnutrition.

The Capstone team was comprised of four graduate students from NYU: Jenny Hsieh, Hyein Lee, Eyiwunmi Salako, and Jaimie Shaff; with each team member bringing unique experience to the project. The project started in September 2009, and continued until May 2010. The following 95 page report summarizes the Capstone team’s findings, and identifies next steps for RMF to consider.

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RMF San Diego–Charity Car Wash, July 27th 2010

June 27, 2010

La Jolla Strip Club Restaurant
4282 Esplanade Court

San Diego, CA 92122
12PM – 5PM

Come out for some good clean fun and help support The Real Medicine Foundation and raise awareness and funds for Real Medicine’s Malnutrition Eradication Program in India.

And you receive a $10 coupon towards your next dining experience at the La Jolla Strip Club Restaurant!!
All donations are tax deductible!

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Talhatta Clinic Quarterly Progress Report, RMF: Pakistan

by Dr. Zahoor Uddin and Jonathan White

Our clinic in Pakistan, in collaboration with the Hashoo Foundation, continues to successfully serve the surrounding communities in this fragile and underserved area of Northern Pakistan, being the only access to healthcare for 6-7 Union Councils and 150,000 people. Many walk a full day to visit the clinic, confident that they will receive good healthcare service. The clinic is the only one in this area having two LHVs (Lady Health Vistors) among its staff, which has encouraged many women and girls to visit the clinic premises with ease and confidence.

From January 1st, 2010 to March 31st, 2010, 6,029 patients were diagnosed and treated at the RMF-HF Health Unit Talhatta. During the quarter under review, the figures show that the patients visiting the unit consist of 41% males and 59% females. Overall, 27% of the patients were children.

Also during this quarter, 225 women came for antenatal visits, 268 women visited the health unit for gynecological problems, and remarkable 169 women visited the RMF-HF health unit for family planning. 45 emergency cases were referred to secondary and tertiary care hospitals for further treatment by our mountain ambulance which is medically equipped with oxygen, emergency first aid supplies and a full resuscitation kit. Continue reading

Real Medicine and Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Inaugurate Nutrition Rehabilitation Center

by Michael Matheke-Fischer, Regional Programs Coordinator, South Asia

After months of negotiating the bureaucratic maze of India; acquiring form after form and signature after signature; tireless hours spent on renovation and beautification by our dedicated staff and volunteers, RMF and its partner, Jeevan Jyoti Health Service Society, who operate Jeevan Jyoti Hospital, proudly inaugurated its Nutritional Rehabilitation Center (NRC) in partnership with the state government of Madhya Pradesh.

After the requisite ribbon cutting and speech by the district’s Chief Medical Officer, we immediately admitted our first 12 patients, who had been waiting (while being looked after by our staff) for hours to be officially admitted.

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RMF Inaugurates “Drop in Center” for Female Sex Workers, Madhya Pradesh, India

On May 26th, Real Medicine Foundation and its partner, Jeevan Jyoti Health Service Society, inaugurated the first of two “Drop in Centers” for Female Sex Workers (FSWs) under our HIV/AIDS Targeted Intervention with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Located in Meghnagar at the crossroads of the bus-station and next to the train station, the Drop in Centre is a place where women can come to feel safe, exchange information, receive information and counseling about HIV/AIDS, get referrals for testing, get condoms, come to classes or information sessions about HIV/AIDS, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and general women’s health. It will also be the location for weekly clinic hours by a local OB-GYN and quarterly, large scale, health camps.

In addition to the HIV/AIDS, STI and health information, we are hoping that the women will make this space their own. Our six dynamic peer counselors helped pick out the new paint, provided some basic furniture, and put posters on the walls to make is more homely.

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Baby William’s Story: One Child at a Time in Madhya Pradesh, India

Below is from a success story from a field report compiled in part by RMF volunteer Lisa Suen who traveled all the way from Los Angeles to join our team fighting malnutrition and HIV/AIDS in Madhya Pradesh, India:

Today, we went on a field visit to the village of Devigrah where our nutrition coordinators, along with the village liaison, were able to identify one village child whose condition suggested treatment at the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC).

The child was one-year old Baby William whose mother reported that he had been sick and vomiting recently, complications that can lead to malnutrition and can prove fatal for a child already weak or acutely malnourished. Baby William’s glossy eyes and lack of energy suggested malnutrition even at a glance.

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Alonzo Mourning and Success Stories the World Needs to Hear (AP)

When Haiti struck we were all shaken. We all pitched in even in these hard times and we we made small donations add up to hundreds of millions of dollars in hours. In the face of devastation of this magnitude we said that we would not only build back, we would build back better.

Hundreds of blue and white tarp-covered shacks crowd a low-lying, flood-prone ravine at Marassa 14, a camp where 3,000 people live outside the capital of Haiti.  But since January, we have seen little happen. Now, almost 5 months after the quake, only around 7000 people have been moved to safer housing while hundreds of thousands of families still live in 12000 tent cities across the country.

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Empowering Families and Communities: RMF v.s. Malnutrition, India

by Caitlin McQuilling and Allison Glennon

India is the epicenter for malnutrition worldwide, effecting 60 million children or 46% of children under five years old in the country.

Malnutrition isn’t just a problem of families not getting enough food to eat, but is defined by the inadequate intake of essential nutrients.  Children in India are malnourished because their bodies do not have the building blocks necessary to function on a cellular level.  Unable to produce cells at a normal rate, the immune system fails causing common or chronic diseases to become deadly.

Across India malnutrition is so prevalent that it in some ways it has become hidden in plain sight.  When the children look the same, and have looked the same for generations, it is hard to recognize the problem.

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RMF Armenia: Shinuhayr – Healthcare Assessments

During the month of April, RMF and ARS staff performed assessments in Shinuhayr’s surrounding villages, all of them with little access to health care, and investigated the shortfalls of medicines in the region. Throughout the month, medicines were purchased and distributed to 58 beneficiaries in selected villages, 16 of them children. Close to 22% received some type of antibiotic; 25% received heart/diabetic medications and the rest ranged from analgesics to anti-depressants, vitamins, antipyretics and others.

In addition to the medical services it provides, the Shinuhyr ambulatory is also intended for delivery of counseling services, as well as informational support of vulnerable groups. The ambulatory staff has a specific route, visiting the villages of Khot, Halidzor, Tatev, Sevarants, Tandzatap and Harjis, and providing outreach services and distributing medicines to the vulnerable population in the villages. The staff is very excited and is looking forward to using the RMF ambulance to further facilitate and enhance the outreach component of the clinic’s services.

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June 27th, A Chance to Meet and Support Real Medicine in Burbank

Dionicess VI by mattatouille.

Dear Friends in LA,

If you have ever wanted a chance to meet the Real Medicine team and learn more about the cause, June 27th provides the perfect opportunity to support our work and find out more about how you can get involved all over a few casual beers, sausages, and dart games.

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