Introducing RMF’s Project Coordinator in South Sudan, Bilha Achieng

When Jonathan White, RMF Director of International Relations, was planning his 2010 trip across Uganda, Sudan, and Nigeria to visit our programs, we asked him to help us meet the people that make up Real Medicine on the ground–our coordinators, our doctors, our patients.

In response, he created “The RMF Proust Questionnaire (like the ones in the back of a Vanity Fair magazine)” and returned with the first interview: Meet Charles Naku,  RMF Project Coordinator, Uganda.

Here, in the second interview, we meet Bilha Achieng, RMF Project Coordinator, South Sudan.

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Progress in Peru Builds Broader Awareness and Global Connection

Last week, in an update called “Friends Helping Friends” in San Clemente/Pisco Peru,” Steve Henrichson, RMF Director, Peru, touched on an aspect of community that is at the core of Real Medicine–the idea that community is created by working together, friends helping friends. Celebrating recent collaborations benefiting the Policlínico Peruano Americano, his article gives thanks to the partners who sustain us now while providing some perspective as to how far we have come since those first days in Peru back in 2007.

When Steve Henrichson first landed in Pisco with Rene Castillo, he had a long list of needs and a shorter list of names. Even so, thanks to his efforts in gathering support for the cause, in three short years his growing team has mobilized one of our most comprehensive health programs in the world.

Peru in 2007 to now: Meeting Initial Concerns

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Dionicess VI Tops the Fundraising Series for Armenia

Much to the delight of big hearted beer geeks across Los Angeles, June 27th was Dionicess VI. A generous pairing event featuring beers from the Firestone Brewing Company and sausages and fries from Tony’s Darts Away, with all proceeds supporting the Real Medicine Foundation in Armenia.

Led by Gev Kazanchyan, writer, professor, beer and wine philanthropist, and co-hosted by Firestone Walker representative and Certified Cicerone™ Jace Milstead and certified beer judge, food author and chef Randy Clemens, Dionicess VI was the most successful event in the Dionicess series to date.

Thanks to donated food from Tony’s Darts Away, 7 donated beers from Firestone Walker (including Parabola and Unfiltered 100% Barrel Aged, Double Barrel Ale on cask), a sold out event, and ongoing donations both at the event and after (Firestone beer was served until closing for continual donations), the event topped the charts raising close to $1600 for Real Medicine Foundation’s healthcare program in Shinuhayr.

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Striving for Development, Not Just Aid

By Allison Glennon and Jonathan White

The difference between humanitarian aid and international development can be ambiguous.  It is oftentimes hard to tell where the line is drawn between providing temporary aid to a people in need, versus truly helping them to rebuild and develop.

Real Medicine’s goal has always been to start with aid but move beyond that as soon as possible, and provide sustainable and truly internal development over the long term.  The old proverb of “Give a man a fish vs. teaching a man to fish” is very close to what RMF tries to achieve with many of our projects around the world.

Watching other aid groups leave only months after the 2005 tsunami in Sri Lanka, Real Medicine made a vow to stay and truly rebuild. Newly formed, at the time, RMF’s work at the time was considered disaster relief but before long it was clear that our scope was beyond that, and perhaps even beyond traditional humanitarian aid.

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The Beginning: “Real Medicine Tsunami Aid in Mawella, Sri Lanka – Second Update from Dr. Martina Fuchs”

Approaching our 5th birthday August 16th, 2010 and look back to remember who we go to where we are now, here is a voice from those early days: the second update sent from the ground after opening our first clinic in Sri Lanka writen by Dr. Martina herself.
In it Dr. Martina Fuchs gives grateful thanks to those tho helped her, speaking as a friend to her network of friends who came together to make it possible.
February 20, 2005

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Emotional Care and Crayons: Haitian Children’s Art at the Smithsonian Speaks to an RMF Approach

Photo from RMF USA: Hurricane Relief: Memphis,

By Allison Glennon

There was an article published today by the Associated Press about childrens artwork from Haiti, paintings and drawings made children after the earthquake that are now on exhibit by the Smithsonian Institution. It reminded me of a story that our Founder, Dr. Martina Fuchs once told me about emotional care and one box of donated crayons.

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Shukla Bose Echos RMF Approach: “Teaching one Child at a Time” (TED Talk)

By focusing on one child at a time, our Malnutrition Eradication team in Mahaya Pradesh India, has been able to move forward in spite of the staggering figures stacked against them–100% malnutrition rates and 1.2 million children at risk–and has grown from 200 patients to 100o’s to become the largest active feild presence in the country in only 9 months, reaching 500 villages and 100,000 families.

When Shukla announced her own dream to teach children from the slums of Bangalore India she was hit with a huge resistance from those around her–how was she, one woman, going to make a dent?

As if taken directly from Real Medicine’s core principles, Shukla takes the RMF approach of One Child at a Time and it is in this way that she was able to not move forward undaunted in spite of the scale against her.

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Dionicess VI is SOLD OUT!!

With a few weeks still to go the beer and sausage pairing event on Sunday June 27th at Tony’s Darts away is officially at capacity!

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets for the event. With ticket sales priced at $35 we have already raised over $1000 for Real Medicine’s health care initiative in Shinuhayr Armenia.

Sharon and Lisa: Friends Helping Friends, Madhya Pradesh, India

by Allison Glennon, Coordinator of Special Project, RMF Global Management Team

In April 2010, Lisa Suen of Los Angeles, one of our newest LA Marathon marathon runners, contacted me in a rather alarmed state. She and her good friend, Sharon Levy from San Diego, had been planning a humanitarian trip to India for years only to have it fall through at the last minute.

They had their tickets booked and were to depart in a matter of weeks but now, with the formal volunteer tour with a larger organization canceled, they felt abandoned.

Sure, they could go layout on a beach but the whole point of their quest was to do something positive for the local community–they wanted to help but they no longer knew how.

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